Brooks Cambium C17

Image 3

Generally speaking, when you hear the words ‘Brooks saddle’ you think of a beautifully handmade English leather saddle. However, this is not the case when it comes to the Brooks Cambium series. The Cambium series offers a non-leather saddle made in Italy. The general shape of the saddle is designed to feel like an already worn-in B17. After sitting on the C17, I must admit it did resemble the the overall fit of my personal B17 Special. The best part of the C17 is you get to skip the entire break-in process you’ll find with most leather saddles. Along with skipping the break-in process, the C17 doesn’t have a tension spring that comes with most Brooks leather saddles. Just install and go!


The top of the saddle is made with an organic cotton that not only has a really cool textured feel to the touch, but is waterproof. It also gives vegans a chance to own a high quality Brooks saddle without having to sacrifice any convictions.

Image 2

Brooks is offering a limited run of C17’s, 1000 to be exact, that have the series name etched on the front rivet, similar to the C17 shown on the rear rivet in the above picture.

Image 1

Though I would recommend this saddle for any application, Brooks has the C17 listed as a Touring/Trekking saddle. There is a Cambium C15 race model that is 140mm wide opposed to the C17 which is 160mm wide. The width is the only difference to take seriously considering the C15 weighs in at 405 grams, only 10 grams lighter than the C17

Image 4

If you’re looking for the quality craftsmanship that Brooks customers have come to know and love, but not interested in a leather saddle, then it may be time to ask your local shop about the Brooks Cambium C17.

Color options: Tan, Brown, All Black, and Black Top with Brown undercarriage.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions 🙂


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