Trek Remedy 9 27.5

This is hands down the coolest mountain bike I’ve seen in some time.  My coworker Sean built this up and has an endless amount of positive things to say about his new 2015 Trek Remedy 9 27.5.
Let’s tackle the wheel size debate right off the bat. Yes 29″ tires, over the course of a full ride, are the fastest tires you can ride. And yes, 27.5 are a better option for riders who like to catch air and throw their bikes around on the trail. Both 29″ and 27.5″ wheels are available in the Remedy line so put off the debate and pick whatever one you like. Sorry 26″ fans, your time has come and gone :,(
So what sets the Remedy apart from other bikes? To put it simply, versatility. The Remedy has 140mm of travel front and rear but still offers efficient climbing. Through Trek’s proprietary DRCV(Dual Rate Control Valve) and Re:aktiv damping system, the Remedy smashes along with active suspension that automatically adjusts to whatever terrain you are riding. Imagine having two shocks in one; one shock is there to soak up big hits and still keep your tire on the ground, and the other is right there waiting for you to ride along long stretches of small bump rock gardens. This is what DRCV achieves while Re:aktiv allows you to continually pedal through everything.
The drivetrain that comes stock on the Remedy 9 is 1×11. If you have a presuppositional denial towards the idea of a 1×11 drivetrain, get over it. They shift great and offer plenty of low end climbing gears. This particular 1×11 found on the Remedy 9 comes with a 32 tooth front chainring and a 10-42 cassette. Not low enough? Switch out the front ring to something lower and you’re back on the climb. Also, I highly encourage you to ask your local shop if they have a 10-42 cassette in a box that you can hold in your hand. You would be surprised at how incredibly lightweight the integrated one-piece cassette actually is.
Bottom line.
If you’re main concern is climbing, you should probably be looking for a full suspension bike that comes with 100mm of travel. However, if you’re in the market for a machine that can take anything you want to throw at it, then you should really consider test riding a Trek Remedy.

I really hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any comments please contact me.


One thought on “Trek Remedy 9 27.5

  1. I’m Sean, the proud owner of this Trek Remedy 9 27.5 for almost a year now. As a bike shop employee, I have almost unlimited access to some pretty tricked out bikes but hands down this one has been my favorite. The Remedy has long been known as a do it all bike and I am now a true believer. The geometry strikes a very good balance between efficient climber and confident descender. I have, without a doubt, pushed myself to new limits on this bike…riding everything from local trails with seemingly endless climbs to gravity only resorts like Northstar at Tahoe and even Bijou Bike Park in South Lake Tahoe where I learned to hit 4-6 foot kickers with ease. If you’re looking for one bike that can do it all, check out the Remedy!


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