Nitto M12 Front Rack + Paul Components Rack Adapter

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I’ve used Nitto products in the past and was really excited when my new M12 Front Rack arrived. Nitto is one of the few companies left that offers a wide range of components that are finished with a classic polished silver.
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The rack includes hardware that is compatible with most cantilever style calipers. The only compatibility issue I found is with Paul Components calipers.  You will need to order the Paul Components Rack Adapter kit(I had to order mine directly form as they weren’t available from any distributor I have access to).
The rack adapters, along with all Paul products, are beautifully machined. However, the kit will cost you a steep $28.00 U.S.
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The M12 Rack was fairly easy to install. I only ran into to two small hangups. The easier of the two hangups was that I had to replace the straddle cable once I adjusted my cable hanger. *Make sure that your cable hanger is positioned just above the rack when your brake lever is inactive.
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The second, and more serious hangup, was due to the fact that the rack itself had to be physically bent in order to line up with both the rack adapters and the crown of the fork. Bending the rack to fit by hand is a definite possibility. However, having access to a vise will be very helpful. If you aren’t comfortable bending this rack yourself, especially in fear of damaging or compromising the integrity of the rack, simply take it in to your LBS and have them install it for you.
Once the rack is lined up properly, you can level it accordingly. The Rack will be installed with a non-locking flanged hex nut between the fork crown and the rack.
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This flanged hex nut is used to adjust the level of the Rack. I did notice that, at least on my Surly fork, there is very little margin for adjustment before you will run out exposed thread on the rear of the fork crown. Luckily, the rack was pretty close to level without needing to adjust the nut at all. Once your rack is level, you can install and secure down the anti-vibration lock nut in the back of the fork crown.
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Overall I am quite pleased with this rack.
The visual rating is 10/10
The quality rating is 10/10
The install rating is 7/10(I would recommend having your LBS install this rack if you aren’t a confident and experienced mechanic).

Here’s a bonus pic of what the rack looks like from the cockpit.
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I really hoped you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me:

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