Proflex Elastomer Shock Replacement

Ah the 1990’s. What  a wonderful decade. For me, it was about getting my braces off and gluing myself in front of the television religiously in order to enjoy an entertainment-packed evening of TGIF. For the cycling industry, however, it was a decade of testing new waters with disc brakes and production frames made of materials other than steel. There were some good designs as well as some bad. Okay, maybe a lot of bad. In regards to full suspension mountain bikes, companies nowadays are standing on the shoulders of giants, giants who left modern day mechanics angrily wrenching on faulty equipment. One giant in particular was named Proflex.
Proflex bicycles are notorious for their always-failing elastomer rear shock. To remedy this problem, for those who cannot let go of these bikes, people have become very clever at home in order to keep the pulse of this dying bike beating.
From tennis balls to bicycle tubes, people are willing to try anything to save money while, at the same time, putting their lives in serious danger. There are even a handful of companies offering products that look prettier than a deflated bicycle tube wrapped around the rear shock, but serve roughly the same purpose. Luckily, after much trial and error, I can say with confidence that there is an aftermarket replacement kit that you shouldn’t fear using.
NuLifeCycles offers an actual coil that replaces the elastomer.
The coil can be ordered at or by phone at 303-330-2737.

The install took about 15 minutes and could easily be done by the seasoned at-home-mechanic. For those of you that aren’t comfortable pulling apart your suspension, take your bike down to your LBS and have them do it.

I really hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to contact me 🙂

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