Ritchey WCS Carbon Bullmoose Integrated Mountain Bar/Stem

Ritchey Logic offers some of my favorite bicycle components. Their products are consistently well designed and aesthetically pleasing. When I got the chance to check out Ritchey’s Bullmoose Handlebar, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share it with you guys.
According to Ritchey Logic, the Bullhorn design was first introduced by Tom Ritchey himself during the late 1970’s. Since it’s steel predecessor, the Ritchey Bullhorn has made some really nice improvements. The bar is now made made out of a carbon monocoque with a forged alloy steerer clamp. The new design is lightweight and absorbs plenty of vibration without compromising its stiffness.
A variety of sizes are offered in this bar:
70mm Stem-720mm Width
80mm Stem-730mm Width (280g)
90mm Stem-740mm Width
100mm Stem-740mm Width
110mm Stem-740mm Width
All sizes are only offered in Matte Black.
Each stem has an angle of 6 degrees.
Each bar has a sweep of 9 degrees.
The retail price for this handlebar is $300.00

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions/comments feel free to leave them here or email me. justinchiazza@gmail.com

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