NiteRider Sentinel 40

When it comes to tail lights, I have always been an advocate for inexpensive lighting systems. I still find the cheaper (<$20) lights to be completely adequate for any rider. However, I recently received a gift card to the bike shop I work at (don’t judge me) and I decided it was time to get some firsthand perspective on a higher end tail light.
Enter the Sentinel 40 from NiteRider. This light offers a staggering 40 lumens that can been seen from very safe distances. In addition to it’s 40 lumen main bulb, NiteRider installed two lasers that give you a glowing bike lane wherever you decide to ride. The convenient usb re-charcheable battery takes an estimated 4 hours to charge from full depletion to a full charge.
Both the main bulb and the lasers can be switched between several modes such as constant, flashing, and a range from high to low (main bulb only).
The seatpost mount is highly straightforward and secure. The body of the light is integrated with a belt-clip (which is built into the structure and remains connected even with the seatpost mount).

This light retails at $49.99. More info can be found directly from NiteRider here. And, as always, visit your local bike shop for ordering information.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, or if you have a product you would like me to review, please contact me at 🙂

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