Acorn Bags: Finally!

Acorn Bags are hand-crafted in Southern California by a married couple. The bags, from what I’ve seen online, are beautifully put together.

The folks at Acorn Bags run things a little different compared to a lot of companies in the sense that they put out limited runs of bags and they do not accept preorders. When you factor in that they offer two colors (tan and black) and individual color is only available every 4-6 weeks, you can see why it is difficult to order a bag from their company.

I’ve had my eyes set on the Boxy Rando handlebar bag ($219) and the Roll saddle bag ($67).
The first round of bags I payed attention to was sometime last fall. I received an email while I was in class and, by the time I left class about 30 minutes later, the Boxy Rando had been completely sold out. A similar situation happened earlier this year.

However, luckily my family and I had taken a vacation to San Francisco this week and I just happened to be lounging around our hotel room when twitter notified me the the tan bags were in stock.

I finally claimed a Boxy Rando for myself and decided to throw on a Roll bag as well just to make the dramatic wait worthwhile.

I can’t wait to check these bags out and put a review up. If any of you readers happen to own a bag from Acorn, or another Rando style from another company, let me know your opinions in the comment section.


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