Biker Soap

My family and I were out grocery shopping the other night when we stumbled upon a discounted soap marketed at cyclists. Since I’m a sucker for good marketing, the soap ended up in our shopping cart.

Biker Soap was created by a Formulation Chemist named Dr. Dennis T. Sepp. Dr. Sepp says, “Many years ago I created this hard-working soap as a special formula just for my son and his friends, all avid bikers.”

Here are some of the key features listed for Biker Soap:
  Quickly removes the toughest oils, grease and road dirt.
  Is gentle. Won’t damage or dry skin and will leave hands soft, smooth and moisturized.
  A natural cleanser which contains no drying agents or harsh chemicals, no pumice or abrasives.
  Gentle enough for the whole family to use everyday.
 Contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals.

The scent of tea tree oil really stands out in Biker Soap. The texture of Biker Soap is very smooth, it reminds me of any gentle hand soap put out by Dial or Softsoap.

Full information can be found by clicking here.

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