Paul Gino Light Mount.

  After installing my Acorn handlebar bag, I was forced to rethink how to keep my lights mounted. 

Fortunately, Paul Components offers the Gino Light Mount.


Offered in either a silver or black finish, the Gino Light Mount is made out of 6061 aluminum that weighs in at 30g.

The mount produces a 26.0 mounting diameter that works perfectly with a wide variety of cycling lights. 

The installation of the Gino Light Mount is incredibly simple and the only tool required is a 4mm hex key.

Mounting is achieved by inserting the screw inside the mount and through the hole, then adding the lock washer that will sit between the mount and fork. Then tighten down the mount screw.

There isn’t a torque specification with the instructions so be careful not to overtighten the screw. Get it just tight enough that the mount doesn’t rotate on the fork

And that’s it. These mounts allow me to run lights while using my large handlebar bag.

The mount costs $24 per unit and can be purchased at your LBS or online by clicking here. M

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