Bikepacking Chapter I: Specialized Burra Burra Bags + Salsa Anything Cage

Now that I have my bikepacking rig, I decided to take advantage of the new bag lineup from Specialized.
The Burra Burra lineup offers adventurists multiple options ranging from a toptube bag all the way to a pizza delivery bag. Although I found many different definitions of the word “burra,” I am most fond of this one: A small village in the isle of Shetland. Associated with drugs and alcoholics. Many people from Burra are complete arseholes. Let’s proceed with the assumption that Specialized had that definition in mind when naming these bags.
In the summer of 2018, my son will be 3-years-old. I have plans on taking him on overnight bikepacking trips so this summer will serve as a dry run to work out all the kinks. To carry our shelter, the Specialized Handlebar Stabilizer should get the job done.
If not running a sleeping bag/ sleeping pad, Specialized offers a Drypack in two different sizes (13 liters and 23 liters). For drop bars, use the 13 liter Drypack.
The Stabilizer mounts to both 31.8 and 25.4 handlebars using secure, aluminum mounts. There are also urethane-coated straps that run over the handlebar and under the fork crown for added security. However, the straps have proved to be difficult to cinch up tightly for an extended amount of time.
Handlebar Stabilizer Harness: $90.00
13 Liter Drypack: $40.00
23 Liter Drypack: $45.00
The Burra Burra Stuffpack and Stuffcage may be my favorite item in the new lineup. The bags and cages are well designed and make any drop bar bike look a lot tougher.
The Stuffpack has a listed capacity of 1 liter and fits a 1 liter Nalgene perfectly. I had originally planned on storing a Jetboil Flash stove inside the Stuffpack but the bag diameter was too small.
The stuff cage is versatile. It can mount to a 2-bolt or 3-bolt system and offers 4 slots for straps.
Stuffpack: $40.00
Stuffcage: $30.00
While in the cockpit, it is worth considering a bag that makes essentials easy to access. The Top Tube Pack has a listed capacity of .75 liters and is built around two compartments.
The Top Tube Pack is great for snacks, phones, and keys.
Top Tube Pack: $50.00
The Burra Burra Stabilizer Seatpack may end up being the most popular item in the new lineup. The pack comes in two different sizes (10 & 20) to accommodate different frame sizes and tire clearances.
The Seatpack has an extending roll top that offers added storage.
With added weight and more leverage from an extended roll top, steatpacks tend to sway and move while riding. Specialized has added an aluminum stabilizer arm to counteract the pack movement.
Once extended, the rider has access to a daisy chain.
Burra Burra Stabilizer Seatpack 10: $130.00
Burra Burra Stabilizer Seatpack 20: $140.00
As mentioned earlier, my Jetboil Flash didn’t fit in the Stuffpack. I decided to order the Salsa Anything Cage HD and mount it on my downtube. The stove fits in with room to spare and should work out great.
Salsa Anything Cage HD: $35.00

The stove is currently the only piece of equipment I have purchased for bikepacking. Though I’m comfortable in the world of cycling, I am completely in the dark when it comes to backpacking.

If you guys have any recommendations, please leave a comment below. Your knowledge is invaluable to me.

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