Nebo Cryket

Nebo is a company that seems to be growing pretty fast. You may recognize their very popular Big Larry work light that has found its home in most auto shops. Though we use the Big Larry daily at my bicycle shop, it is a bit cumbersome for portable/packable use.
Needing a light to throw in my bikepacking rig, I ordered the Cryket from Nebo.

The Cryket is a compact, LED light that swivels 90º.
The light is constructed of aluminum that is water/impact resistant. The base is magnetic and offers convenience when working on a car or around a shop. Attached to the light is a steel belt clip.
There are three light settings on the Cryket:
LED spotlight (250 lumens)

COB flood light (240 lumens)

COB green light  (30 lumens)

COB or Chips On Board LED, “improves lumen-per-watt ratios in comparison to other LED technologies.” Found out more info by clicking here.

The light runs on 4, AAA batteries that are included with purchase.
According to Nebo, expected battery life is as follows:
3.5 hours-LED spotlight (250 lumens)
2.75 hours-COB flood light (240 lumens)
6.5 hours-COB green light  (30 lumens)

For the reasonable price of $24.99, this light is well worth checking out.

Though our bike shop carries Nebo, they aren’t available through any bicycle distributors. Call your LBS first, if not available, you can order them directly from Nebo by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions/comments, please post them below.


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